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Hey everyone -

I was tired of not finding books for my young daughters that included Asian characters, let alone starred one as the main character. So I wrote my own and am now crowdfunding it via Kickstarter - it’s been gaining a lot of attention so please check it out and share it if you know of parents who are looking for books like this! Thank you!

[http://kck.st/2nS8nxm](link url)
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Two chiggas got on this right away.

I have yet to do a thorough investigation, but it appears United Airlines needed to kick people off to make room for their employees - their own fault. They blamed this on the flight being “overbooked” but the Chinese man, a doctor, boarded the plane already. So, that’s just an excuse.

Secondly, apparently 3 out of 4 of the passengers kicked off the flight were Asians. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

However, what makes this attack so unforgivable is the viciousness of the attack by the white police officer. He pulled him so hard that the Chinese victim’s head was smashed against a seat and knocked unconscious and left bloody. Chinese citizens will hear about this. Only a crippling financial blow back will re-educate these racist barbarians.

Elderly Physician Violently Assaulted by United Airlines

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Although the acknowledgement of fake news in the Western media is an overall victory [it kills their credibility], we should be clear that, like many rallies for “justice” by Whites [most White protests against the Vietnam War were to save white soldiers, not to stop the genocidal wars against the Vietnamese people], this wasn’t driven by morality or even a recognition of foul play. Rather, it was driven by the perceived betrayal of their own interests.

For years, their fake news put out anti-Asian and anti-poc propaganda. You can see the unbrainwashing section for a full list http://forum.asiansoul.org/category/28/unbrainwashing-bootcamp. White men were absolved of their crimes owing to “mental illness” and “self defense” like clockwork. These lies too, were accepted as objective news reporting. No problem there.

So, why this eruption of anger over fake news now? For the first time in their life, they have made the realization that their elites have turned towards plundering the nation itself at the expense of the populace - eg average Whites and their interests are being harmed. Whites refer to these things as “white genocide” and the media that provides cover for it, “fake news”. In the past, those were “other people’s problems” eg non-white people in places like Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

Indeed, a lot of mainstream news is fake, but that’s not what’s they’re mad about. Let’s be clear.

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