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For years, the Western “free press” has been feeding us lies about NK “regime” “threatening the free world”. Yet, it was the West and its allies, America in particular, who in the mid 1900’s installed a pro-USA puppet that proceeded to massacre Korean communists and nationalists. The atrocities led North Korea to intervene [or what the West falsely called “invade”] SK to save their siblings. See The Hidden History of the Korean War for more

After reaching an armistice for the Korean War, Russia, China, and USA all agreed to leave the Korean peninsula. Everyone did leave except Americans. Because America refused to leave and because America continues to threaten to destroy NK, NK decided they needed nukes to protect themselves.

Keep in mind, China developed nukes for almost identical reasons: White “Christians” who wanted to colonize China like the “good o’days” with “trade” destructive drugs and “concessions” AKA theft.

In the late 1990’s, the US Clinton administration almost made a deal for NK to de-nuclearize. Before the deal could pass, Clinton’s successor, George W Bush killed the negotiations and declared NK to be part of the “axis of evil” [without a sense of irony"]. The USA then invaded Iraq based on the wmd lie. They did this with confidence because Iraq lacked nuclear weapons to retaliate. NK saw the nation fall apart as “Western freedom and democracy” terrorized Iraqis.

Thus, NK made the only logical choice and continued to develop nuclear weapons for self defense.

The real reason America hates NK having nuclear weapons is the same reason a rapist hates a woman holding a gun.

There’s a reason why America tops the list of nations that threaten world peace

It’s not because they’re defending human rights, freedom, or democracy.

a great comment by god-fist

Q: Whats the difference between USA and NK?

A: One is a war mongering terrorist state threatening the world and the other is NK.

I love the number comparisons. 6800:10 warheads. 416:0 used. 8500km : 930km. 1650:0 active nuclear forces. Numbers dont lie, they are objective and unbias. Really shows who is the real threat.

source: https://np.reddit.com/r/EasternSunRising/comments/6mkj98/patience_is_over_us_north_korea_latest_exchange/

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This beast article was written by none other than The Empress of War. Numerous Asian news outlets have picked it up.


While we wish for it to be a thing in the past, unfortunately, we can all agree that in this day and age, racism still exists and if we were to learn anything from Trump’s election, it exists in large amounts. What we often times don’t agree on, however, is what constitutes as racism. Consequently, it’s not a surprise when some forms of racism goes under heavy scrutiny while others simply get ignored or worse, brushed off as a joke.

For many Asians living in the west, that is what typically occurs. Yet, worse still, is when even other Asians trivialize the racism against Asians or use it as a way to entertain others. More often than not, however, it becomes a gender-divisive issue where many of the women in our community happen to be the ones to do so against our male counterparts.



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This 10,000 ton class warship weighs in around 14,000 tons and surpasses the US Navy’s Arleigh-Burke destroyers in at least weight, sensors, and firepower. This makes it one of the world’s most powerful destroyers.

● 112 or 128 cell VLS [vertical launching system] for missiles
● CIWS [close-in weapon system] for short range defense.
● Dual band radar [S band and X band]
● 130mm main gun
● Stealthy design [not total stealth, but stealthy]

Only pictures can communicate its scale.



Three more are currently being built.

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While doing my daily research I stumbled upon a game called “Golden Balls”, a tv game show loosely based on game theory. There is a cash prize and two contestants must pick one of two options: split or steal. Three outcomes are possible:

  1. both pick split - the prize is split and each contestant gets half of the prize amount.
  2. both pick steal - both contestants get nothing
  3. one picks steal and the other picks split - the one who picks steal gets everything.

Now, believe it or not the person on the left is in fact a woman, but more to the point is to notice how natural it is for these people to back stab and feel no remorse. She in fact looks quite pleased with her “accomplishment”. Meanwhile, the girl on the right has been fully brainwashed by the bible with “thou shall not steal”. This is like Western history in a nutshell.

Do as I say, not as a I do.


As an addendum, a similar game was played out in a research paper that I can’t find, but here’s a link to a podcast that discussed how whites constantly cheated Asians.

Some students treated their partners fairly; others, however, essentially cheated, keeping most or all of the money for themselves. When did that happen? It happened when the two players didn’t look alike.

GLAESER: A lot of the cheating was across racial and ethnic lines. And this was primarily white on Asian, meaning the whites were cheating the Asians.

Trust Me - Freakonomics Freakonomics

There are two lessons to learn here.

One, whites are natural cheaters and back stabbers. They didn’t end up being called the white devil by every non-white group in existence, get quotes such as “White man speak in forked tongue”, and wind up squatting on multiple continents across the planet where entire nations are built on top of the corpses of people who you betrayed by being “good natured people”.

Two, Asians are profoundly naive sheep to the slaughter. Despite all the atrocities and betrayals you have suffered, you still do not adapt. This is what white mean when they say you’re not critical thinkers. How many times must they stab you in the back before you get it? BTW, I’ll have a very large collection of posts about that in the future.

Understand that Asians are stereotyped as untrustworthy by the world’s most conniving thieves who also pretend to be trustworthy. It is completely crazy to buy into their lies which are wholly self-serving for them and detrimental to us.

In case you think I’m joking, look at this giant list of their debunked lies and stereotypes; betrayals; gas lightning; and concern trolling

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DTM was the man who blew the whistle on the racist western adaptation of kpop called “Make it Pop” where there are

No Asian guys on my show

That set the Asian redditsphere on fire about two years ago. He owns a clothing line for MMA fighters and also street wear. Check them out at https://www.dynastyclothingstore.com/

He recently released a few podcasts with some interesting guests. I thought you would be interested in hearing them take on real uncensored Asian life – none of that superfluous bubble tea and foodie adventure “activism”.


Dynasty Podcast #00 - The Start of a Dynasty (Interview with Brand Owner)


Dynasty Podcast #01 - Model Minority Myth, Hollywood Propaganda, Asian Stereotypes


Dynasty Podcast #02 - Dealing With Bullying & Racism, Becoming A Martial Artist

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