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I’m actually kind of excited for this (I hope to God there are no white people in this film)!

I’m already visualizing what Shang and Mulan should look like (especially Shang hahaha). Keep in mind, the people I’m throwing out here right now aren’t all actors but I just thought they look good and if Shang and Mulan looked anything like them, then I’m happy :laughing:

For Shang:

My all-time fav, Song Seung-heon. A sex God like him looks good in every role, honestly.

Brendan Lai (he’s fucking hot af, there’s just no denying that)

Don’t know his name, but doesn’t matter. He’s hot.


For Mulan–you guys are gonna have to help me out here. I’ve been told I’m terrible at judging women but here goes :laughing:

Ngo Thanh Van

Jing Tian

…and that’s all I have for the women for now, lol. Feel free to agree/disagree, add who you think is more suitable, etc…

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The article can be found here:

But I’ll highlight some key points since it is a bit long to read:

Those who support it, including dozens of community and civil rights groups, say separating demographic data by ethnicity — and including at least 10 additional AAPI ethnic groups — can help better expose disparities in healthcare and education.

But critics counter that the bill, introduced in the State Assembly in January, is unfair because it targets only Asians and no other race. They fear it could be a backdoor way of ending California’s ban on affirmative action and say it further divides up AAPIs into unnecessary hyphenated groups.

many of them immigrants from China, see the bill as the latest in a series of threats against Chinese Americans trying to achieve social and economic equalit

This mandate…could have proven particularly useful for Southeast Asian students who tend to have lower academic achievement rates…bill supporters say

Bob Huff…likened the data collection in AB-1726 to what Congress used to write and pass the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which restricted immigration from China, and what the U.S. Secret Service employed to put Japanese Americans in internment camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“[the amendment] does not address the question why the bill only focuses on Asians and not other ethnic groups. We remain very concerned.”

In arguing against AB-1726, opponents often ask why there isn’t legislation that requires demographic data be broken down for, say, whites or Latinos.

Proposition 209…forbids the use of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin for public college or university admissions decisions in California. Many Chinese-American parents fear that should the ban be lifted, Chinese-American enrollment rates at prestigious University of California schools will plummet

“That was a wake up call to the Asian, especially the Chinese community…They are very concerned that bills such as AB-1726 will just be like a back door seeking to overturn Proposition 209.”

So what do you guys think? Is the bill genuinely just about collecting data based on different Asian ethnicities because different ethnic groups have different health problems and academic successes or is this a disguise for something more sinister such as putting in place another affirmative action targeted specifically against just Northeast Asians? Also, is it another strategy employed to divide and pit Asians against one another (in this case, NEA vs. SEA), whether intentionally or unintentionally?

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This Japanese guy (which again, marks another Japanese on a similar topic) defends the non-Asian cast

The reasoning used is the same as any other excuse for VA’s. The best voice actor should get the role. Except it NEVER HAPPENS THAT WAY. It’s just another excuse to use all white VA’s. This time, people are getting really sick of it and Kubo is bombing in theaters right now. Aloha, a movie that actually had a hapa role go to a full white actress, also bombed in a similar fashion.

In one of ThatJapaneseManYuta’s videos, Japanese defend the casting of non-Asian actors in Ghost In the Shell. They even go as far and say that they prefer a white actor/actress.

Ultimately what it comes down to is this:

  • Asians in Asia live in 99% Asian populated countries. Racial discrimination doesn’t exist for them.
  • Asians in Asia have no problem with representation of their own.
  • With no racial discrimination present, Asians in Asia lack racial awareness and do not even know when they are being discriminated against. For example, in Yuta’s video, it literally had to be spelled out to them that Asians were discriminated against and race played a factor. But in the end, they didn’t care. If Asian-Americans were as indifferent as Japanese we’d have absolutely nothing. The crazy part is that we’re really close to that.
  • Asians in Asia do not live here. They do not know or sympathize with our struggles. If you throw nationality hatred in there, it’s even worse.

Excluding self-hating PAA trash, I’d say that Asians in America are stronger than Asians in Asia. Some of us are involuntary celibate but that doesn’t take away the fact that we’re thrown enormous abuse and we’re still standing. The relative safety of Asian society leads to spoiled, entitled people who squabble about insignificant shit meanwhile, western Asians like us know that whites want to essentially mix and delete Asia from the rest of the world. We’re actually the front lines to stop that from happening b/c we actually know wtf is going on and what people are saying. Asians in Asia owe US a debt of gratitude. Not the other way around.

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They are teaching women to kill men
This is getting ridiculous. When will men stand up and fight them? Their lives are now on the line and men are expected to do nothing. This is the future for AA men in the US unless they stand up and learn to protect themselves.

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