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Before you read the examples below, I want to share why I think non-violence is promoted very heavily. Non-violence is useless and harmless to your foes. That’s it. This is why they celebrate Martin Luther King and not Malcolm X; Ghandi and not Chandrasekhar Azad; and why they hate Mao of China so much. Now, I’m not recommending violent acts. I’m just saying consequences should hurt whether it’s financial, physical, mental, psychological, social, etc. If your foes are not suffering intensely, you are not fighting effectively.

This is why I see our Asian activists as largely ineffective. They write letters that can be burned, speeches that be be ignored, emails that can be sent to the trash can folder, etc. See

Excerpts from the book

I could spend plenty of time talking about the failures of nonviolence. Instead, it may be more useful to talk about the successes of nonviolence.

Typical examples are the:

● independence of India from British colonial rule
● caps on the nuclear arms race
● the USA civil rights movement of the 1960s
● the peace movement during the war against Vietnam.

There is a pattern to the historical manipulation and whitewashing evident in every single victory claimed by nonviolent activists. The pacifist position requires that success must be attributable to pacifist tactics and pacifist tactics alone, whereas the rest of us believe that change comes from the whole spectrum of tactics present in any revolutionary situation, provided they are deployed effectively. Because no major social conflict exhibits a uniformity of tactics and ideologies, which is to say that all such conflicts exhibit pacifist tactics and decidedly non pacifist tactics, pacifists have to erase the history that disagrees with them or, alternately, blame their failures on the contemporary presence of violent struggle.

Indian Independence

In India, the story goes, people under the leadership of Gandhi built up a massive nonviolent movement over decades and engaged in protest, noncooperation, economic boycotts, and exemplary hunger strikes and acts of disobedience to make British imperialism unworkable. They suffered massacres and responded with a couple of riots, but, on the whole, the movement was nonviolent and, after persevering for decades, the Indian people won their independence, providing an undeniable hallmark of pacifist victory.

The actual history is more complicated, in that many violent pressures also informed the British decision to withdraw. The British had lost the ability to maintain colonial power after losing millions of troops and a great deal of other resources during two extremely violent world wars,
the second of which especially devastated the “mother country.”
The armed struggles of Arab and Jewish militants in Palestine from 1945 to 1948 further weakened the British Empire, and presented a clear threat that the Indians might give up civil disobedience and take up arms en masse if ignored for long enough; this cannot be excluded as a factor in the decision of the British to relinquish direct colonial administration.

End of the Nuclear Arms Race

Once again, the movement was not exclusively nonviolent; it included groups that carried out **a number of bombings and other acts of sabotage or guerrilla warfare.**12 And, again, the victory is a dubious one. The much-ignored nonproliferation treaties only came after the arms race had already been won, with the US as undisputed nuclear hegemon in possession of more nuclear weapons than was even practical or useful. And it seems clear that proliferation continues as needed, currently in the form of tactical nuke development and a new wave of proposed nuclear power facilities. Really, the entire issue seems to have been settled more as a matter of internal policy within the government than as a conflict between a social movement and a government.

US civil rights movement

The US civil rights movement is one of the most important episodes in the pacifist history. Across the world, people see it as an example of nonviolent victory. But, like the other examples discussed here, it was neither a victory nor nonviolent. The movement was successful in ending
dejure segregation and expanding the minuscule black petty bourgeoisie, but these were not the only demands of the majority of movement participants.13 They wanted full political and economic equality, and many also wanted black liberation in the form of black nationalism, black inter-communalism, or some other independence from white imperialism. None of these demands were met — not equality, and certainly not liberation.

People of color still have lower average incomes, poorer access to housing and health care, and poorer health than white people. De facto segregation still exists.14 Political equality is also lacking. Millions of voters, most of them black, are disenfranchised when it is convenient to ruling interests, and only four black senators have served since Reconstruction.15 Other races have also been missed by the mythical fruits of civil rights. Latino and Asian immigrants are especially vulnerable to abuse, deportation, denial of social services they pay taxes for, and toxic and backbreaking labor in sweatshops or as migrant agricultural laborers. Muslims and Arabs are taking the brunt of the post-September 11 repression, while a society that has anointed itself “color-blind” evinces nary a twinge of hypocrisy. Native peoples are kept so low on the socioeconomic ladder as to remain invisible

The common projection (primarily by white progressives, pacifists, educators, historians, and government officials) is that the movement against racial oppression in the United States was primarily nonviolent. On the contrary, though pacifist groups such as Martin Luther King Jr.‘s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) had considerable power and influence, popular support within the movement, especially among poor black people, increasingly gravitated toward militant revolutionary groups such as the Black Panther Party.

Ending the Vietnam War

With unforgivable self righteousness, peace activists ignore that three to five million Indochinese died in the fight against the US military; tens of thousands of US troops were killed and hundreds of thousands wounded; other troops demoralized by all the bloodshed had become highly ineffective and rebellious;22 and the US was losing political capital (and going fiscally bankrupt) to a point where pro war politicians began calling for a strategic withdrawal (especially after the Tet Offensive proved the war to be “unwinnable,” in the words of many at the time). The US government was not forced to pull out by peaceful protests; it was defeated politically and militarily.

As evidence of this, Churchill cites the victory of Republican Richard Nixon, and the lack of even an anti war nominee within the Democratic Party, in 1968, near the height of the anti war movement. One could also add Nixon’s reelection in 1972, after four years of escalation and genocide, to demonstrate the powerlessness of the peace movement in “speaking truth to power.” In fact, the principled peace movement dissolved in tandem with the withdrawal of US troops (completed in 1973). The movement was less responsive to history’s largest ever bombing campaign, targeting civilians, which intensified after troop withdrawal, or the continued occupation of South Vietnam by a US trained and financed military dictatorship. In other words, the movement retired (and rewarded Nixon with reelection) once Americans, and not Vietnamese, were out of harm’s way. The US peace movement failed to bring peace.

important. They didn’t give a shit about “mere gooks”. Never forget this.

Far more significant than passive conscientious objectors were the growing rebellions, especially by black, Latino, and indigenous troops, within the military. As Colonel Robert D. Heinl stated in June 1971, By every conceivable indicator, our army that remains in Vietnam is in a state approaching collapse, with individual units avoiding or having refused combat, murdering their officers and non commissioned officers, drug ridden and dispirited where not near mutinous. Elsewhere than Vietnam the situation is nearly as serious.25 The Pentagon estimated that 3 percent of officers and noncoms killed in Vietnam from 1961 to 1972 were killed in fraggings by their own troops. This estimate doesn’t even take into account killings by stabbing or shooting. In many instances, soldiers in a unit pooled their money to raise a bounty for the killing of an unpopular officer. Matthew Rinaldi identifies “working class blacks and Latinos” in the military, who did not identify with the “pacifism at any price tactics” of the civil rights movement that had come before them, as major actors in the militant resistance that crippled the US military during the Vietnam War.

See for more about how Blacks sided with Asian American soldiers in Vietnam. This is why I urge you to focus on spreading the truth and laser focus the attacks against white supremacy. Help non-white see our common enemy as much as possible.

Peter Gelderloos how nonviolence protects the state

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The symbol of Western rape and subjugation of Asians are now your “leaders”.


This is some sick cruel joke, but it’s everywhere. The problem is too many Asians are SO STUPID that they don’t even understand the industrial strength irony. Here’s a relevant excerpt from a real Asian intellectual.

If the system works, the stereotypes assigned to the various races are accepted by the races themselves as reality, as fact, and racist love reigns. The minority’s reaction to racist policy is acceptance and apparent satisfaction.
White racism has failed with the blacks, the chicanos, the American Indians. Night riders, soldier boys on horseback, fat sheriffs, and all them goons and clowns of racism did destroy a lot of bodies, mess up some minds, and leave among these minorities a legacy of suffering that continues to this day. But they did not stamp out the consciousness of a people, destroy their cultural integrity and literacy sensibility, and produce races of people that would work to enforce white supremacy without having to be supervised or watchdogged by whites.
In terms of the utter lack of cultural distinction in America, the destruction of an organic sense of identity, the complete psychological and cultural subjugation of a race of people, the people of Chinese and Japanese [East Asian mainly] ancestry stand out as white racism’s only success.



Ashlee Consulting LLC:

This is just twilight zone levels of absurd. The last pair of people ready or willing to “help” guide Asian masculinity are Afwm (who have everything in the world to do with their emasculation) yet here these oblivious lunatics are. I can’t even begin to imagine the self-hating Asian men who would hire these people for “masculinity training”, which will likely compromise of:

you are a misogynist, stop foot binding, be really really nice, don’t work out, and consider homosexuality – and of course, you need to stop that deep-seated anti-Blackness. /sarcasm.

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Racist, misogynistic, hypocritical, cheating, and violent white men are poor partners? Who knew…


the influence of trend setting female movie stars, finding a laowai for a husband was in fashion for young Chinese women who emulated their role models and followed fads.
With laowai cheating their victims of money and sex as well as having to endure domestic violence, many of these Chinese women have come to regret their decisions.


actress Yuan Li said - “You can better appreciate Chinese men after marrying a foreigner.”
movie star Yuan Li candidly opened up on a talk show interview about her marriage. In interpersonal relationships, male foreigners are very different than Chinese men due to cultural differences. Yuan Li said, “You (can) better appreciate all the good qualities of Chinese men after marrying a foreigner.” Yuan said after the wedding that she felt pain and torment like she had never experienced before. She said she felt nothing but anguish at the beginning of the marriage, saying, “It was like a stuck gear made of flesh and blood, clacking away, grinding down upon my heart and my soul.” For a time, she only wanted to forget about this period in
her life
What is for certain is that Yuan’s life right now is not what she had initially imagined, what with all the regrets she’s managed to accumulate.
Ning Jing
Ning Jing said that Paul completely changed character. When Paul started to not come home at night, Ning became angry, leading to sudden emotional outbursts and exchanges. ‘Three words were all it took for him to leap up and slam his fist on the table. Often things like a stool or a cup would get thrown, turning our home into a chaotic disarray.’
Li Lingyu
Audiences are most familiar with Li Lingyu from her role as the White Rabbit from the television series Journey to the West. In 1984, 21 year old Li completely threw away her promising acting career in a ‘flash wedding’ to her boyfriend. in 2000, Li gave birth to a boy named Jessie. But with the culture gap between East and West proving to be too great, Li’s marriage turned out to be not so happy, and the couple often got into arguments. In 2005, Li and Jerry formally divorced.
Wei Wei
When the Asian Games were being held in Beijing, singer Wei Wei confirmed her place as a singing diva by singing the hit song, All Mighty Asia. Wei went on to marry Swede Michael Joseph Smith
Not only did Smith confiscate the passports for the three children as permitted under the Swedish rules for divorce, but also threatened Wei’s life several times for which she had to resort to using the protection of bodyguards. Wei is rumored to be dating again, to yet another laowai.
Maggie Cheung
In a 1998 flash wedding that raised an uproar across internet forums, Maggie Cheung married French director (Oliver) Assayass, a man seven years younger than her.
(Cheung) endured domestic abuse which eventually resulted in the couple’s divorce.
Jessy Meng
Throughout her transition from a model, to a host, to an actor, the talents of Jessey Meng are always on display. Meng had an unforgettable cross border relationship, but who would have guessed that this was just a ‘honey trap’ - After living with her Italian boyfriend for four years, Jessey got dumped. Not only was Jessey used for sex, but Jessey’s boyfriend had also taken much of her money, using hundreds of thousands of Euros to take another girlfriend on a trip of hedonism, and blowing the fortune that Jessey and her family had worked so hard to accrue.
Chen Luyu
Chen Luyu married an American in 1995. The next year, Chen brought her husband to China as she joined the line up of Phoenix Television. But while Chen was receiving accolades for her work, her marriage hit a red light. There are reports that the actual reason behind the divorce was that Chen was physically abused by her foreign husband.
Zhang Mi
Despite having enjoyed a brief case of popularity, Zhang Mi attracted more media attention for her relationship. With unending tales of her husband’s infidelity, the man even authored a book called Zhang Mi, My Sexy Girlfriend in which racy stories of their sex life were revealed in graphic detail. All the same, not long afterwards, Zhang and her boyfriend parted ways.
Jessica Hsuan
Jessica Hsuan had been dating South Africa Ruan Bester, a man four years her junior, since 2009.
Hsuan would often get into disputes over getting married, which Hsuan was in favor of. Unsuccessful in her attempt, Hsuan decided to end their relationship. People in the know have said that the South African man had no intention of getting married, and was just ‘playing around’.
Zhang Ziyi
In 2007, Zhang Ziyi became involved with Israeli venture capitalist (Aviv ‘Vivi’ Nevo) who is worth 4.2 billion yuan. However, a divorce happened shortly thereafter,leaving people to wonder why the 43 year old foreign boyfriend would end the marriage. Afterwards, ‘Vivi’ was seen dating other girlfriends and appearing at other high profile events, while Zhang Ziyi still remains fixated upon her former flame.

The Chinese Movie Stars Who Regret Their Failed Relationships with Foreign Men | The Nanfang:

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It’s good to see their growing awareness. Indeed, white males do see Asian women as easy choices because many are ignorant of just how racist, misogynistic, and hypocritical they are. The white brand is inflated beyond all reason thanks to Western media and the inexplicable complicity of the Asian [in Asia] media leaders that support these false images.

Piercing through the white brand and revealing perverse yellow fever white males is a crucial part of ending the white worship disease.

Key excerpts…

● We are the option for white men who are rejected by other women, who are misogynist, who are racist, who are unattractive, etc. Asia itself has become a destination for losers looking to score. We are seen as the easy option, the ones who will worship them. While those uppity white feminazis rejected him, Asian women will be good, submissive, easy women who best of all love white men.

● They themselves prop up people like Maxine Kingston who are damaging.

● Hate to say it. but it does seem like with WM AF couples, the WM is marrying above what he could (he couldn’t get a white girl of that ‘caliber’), and the AF is marrying down (she could get an AM of better ‘caliber’). It’s not a pretty way to look at things, but it often proves to be sadly realistic. By caliber I am referring to looks, wealth, and education.

I do want to add though that I absolutely agree with what you’re saying here. I have a cousin or two who totally ended up marrying the White Reject and they both could’ve done so much better because there were some great AMs that were interested but the sad truth is that we do have some self hating AWs in the community
that shit it all up for the rest of us. My sister is one of them - She dates the biggest losers just because they’re white, despite the fact that she is college educated from one of the top schools in the nation and has a high paying job and has definitely had some just as high achieving AMs who wanted to date her.

she has totally shat all over my SO before just because he’s not white

the loser boyfriends she brings home who aren’t college educated and some were even unemployed.

● Woke Asian American women are a vastly different demographic from people who get into relationships with neckbeard sexpats. Let’s call it what it is and I’m going to be crude here. The mail order bride phenomenon.

If woke Asian American women stopped dating all white men tomorrow, sexpats will move their focus to recently arrived immigrants and women outside the US. I do not know if it will change the image that much. I think the only thing that could really help is supporting strong images of Asian men and women alike in the US media.

● After getting rejected badly by FilAm guys, I deliberately dated ugly white guys because I figured they’re desperate to be with an Asian girl, even an ugly one like me. Sad, huh -

● I think a lot of us have went through this phase at some point. When I was younger, even though I always knew that being with a white person would be problematic given the status difference between us and white people, I won’t deny that there were some times that I felt pretty smug that I had gotten the attention of a whiteguy even though I wasn’t interested in the idea of engaging with them in any way. Looking back at it now, it was pretty embarrassing how much importance I had put in using white people (men and women) to gauge where I stood in terms of attractiveness and desirability.

● Ladies, don’t underestimate your worth when you look for a potential suitor just because they come from a background that’s considered ‘above’ yours. A man is just a man, whether they’re Asian, white, black, Latino and every kind of man in existence. Find someone who you share common values with and make sure that
both of you are on the same page in terms of taking part equally in the relationship

● This often happens to me. I met two guys in my life, both who were non Asians. I never dated them officially.The first one confessed his attraction to me via online. Soon, it became apparent to me that he liked me because I’m a ‘good little Asian girl’ who isn’t all ‘wild, rebellious, and into drugs like all other hot white girls are.’

The second one was a terrible liar, and a terrible person. He liked Asian girls solely because they would never ‘betray him,’ and because they were ‘submissive, and did what he liked.’ Ugh, he really did leave bad taste in my mouth for all the horrible things he said about Asian women.

No matter where I go, I unfortunately come across some men who think that it’s their right as ‘white saviors’ to scoop up the ‘exotic little geisha dancers,’ when in fact, they are lonely, insecure, and looking to score because our culture mandates them to be conquerors of politics, economy, and women.

Something for Asian feminism to address: Being seen as the easy (back-up) option for (white) rejects : asianfeminism:

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Edward Snowden’s decision to leak information about classified U.S. surveillance programs set back the Pentagon’s push to recruit cybersecurity experts, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.
“There’s no question that Snowden set it back,” Carter said of the effort to attract top talent from tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond for cybersecurity positions.
“It created a tremendous amount of suspicion, concern, and disinclination to engage,” he aded.

Snowden, Carter, Pentagon, Cybersecurity | Defensetech:

Lies are the foundation of white supremacy. People act because they think and believe certain things. Most people are not evil, but misled. Few would agree to “commit genocide against innocent people”, but many could be fooled into doing just that if it’s called “fighting for democracy”.

That’s why Western lies must always be exposed and their voices discredited. That causes mass distrust, disobedience, defection, and subversion against the wrong white power structures.

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