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The Asian American ‘advantage’ that is actually an illusion

For decades, the data on median household incomes have shown the same, persistent racial disparities: Asians beating out whites at the top, while Hispanics and blacks hover near the bottom.

Asian Americans seem to offer proof that minorities can prosper — and even leapfrog whites — if they work hard and jump through the right hoops. For that reason, Asian Americans have often been invoked as a way to excuse the income gaps between whites and blacks or whites and Hispanics.

But why do typical Asian American households outearn typical white households? Like many statistics showing an Asian American advantage, this fact proves illusory upon closer examination. A common explanation is that Asian Americans are better educated. While that’s true, there’s another factor that can completely account for the income gap between Asians and whites.

It has to do with where people reside.

Prices and rents vary wildly in different parts of the country. The cost of living near Jonesboro, Ark., for instance, is about 18 percent below the national average, while the cost of living near San Francisco is about 21 percent above the national average.

White and African Americans are more likely to live in cheaper locales, while Asian and Hispanic Americans are more likely to live in pricier ones. The contrast between whites and Asians is particularly stark. Nearly 1 in 5 white Americans reside in rural counties, where a dollar goes a lot further. But 97 percent of Asian Americans live in or near a major city, where the cost of living is higher.



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People often think I am exaggerating when I say whites are a racist and duplicitous bunch of degenerates. Well, wonder no more…

The people we regard as the laziest, rudest, most promiscuous, drunken drug takers are white men in their twenties.

Three of the top six are Chinese, Jewish and black Caribbean

The lousy reputation of young white men is one of the most striking things to emerge from our surveys. When we look at individual characteristics, white men in their 20s have the worst reputation, out of all 48 groups, for drunkenness, sleeping around, hard work and politeness. They also have the joint worst score, with young black Caribbean men, for a belief that they are prone to drug taking.



YouGov | Introducing the most derided ethnic group in Britain: young white men:


For those who haven’t gotten up to speed, Hollywood is NOT real.

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Attorney: FBI singling out Chinese-Americans with insider-threat program

The FBI has singled out Chinese-Americans as part of a controversial insider-threat reduction program that has sought to flag alleged efforts to manipulate polygraph tests, according to a leading national security defense attorney.

“The government reacts with this sledgehammer instead of laser precision to determine who would be an insider threat which is very difficult to predict,” said Mark Zaid, who has several clients with ongoing disputes involving intelligence agencies including the FBI. “They’re sacrificing tons, dozens and dozens of Americans who’re doing nothing but their jobs, and the FBI is one of the worst to do this.”

Zaid argues the program is flagging potentially innocent people based on a questionable standard.

One of Zaid’s clients – who asked not to be identified for fear of further retaliation – explained how it works. The client said, in their case, an evaluator alleged during a routine polygraph that the FBI employee had used “counter measures” to affect the accuracy of the test.


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What is “Western” masculinity? Do you mean Physicality? Honor? Bravery? Chivalry?

nUnkQXum.jpg kEkkBUam.jpg

My wrath bristles through my helmet, the rain stops as I stand by the rain;
I look up towards the sky and let loose a passionate roar…
Let us ride our chariots through the Helan Pass,
There we shall feast on barbarian flesh and drink the blood of the Xiongnu.
Let us begin anew to recover our old empire before paying tribute to the Emperor.

-General Yue Fei


Over a 20-year period, this super soldier rose to the military rank of Overall Commander of Imperial Forces, while emerging victorious in 126 battles. He earned the respect of those he commanded as he was stern and fair yet caring. He also invented a half-dozen styles of martial arts, wrote sweet poetry about the annihilation of his foes, and honored his parents.

Today, he is revered as a national hero in China, a symbol of patriotic loyalty, honor, intelligence, and courage.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe during the same time…



You got brainwashed into thinking desirable masculinity is “Western”. The West loves to racialize anything positive and fool you into believing that they hold some untouchable monopoly. Another example is Western “ingenuity”. Since when is ingenuity Western?. Here’s one final example: Western humanist traditions.


Pursue traditional Asian masculinity [scholar, warrior, gentleman].


ps. These rugged eSports champions and sensitive otakus will never be seriously revered by Asians or anyone on earth.


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One of the many forms of bullshit from Whites is that China has always been a despotic backwards place without laws yet…let’s see if that holds up to scrutiny by looking at the…British Opium Wars against China.

We could close the case right there for illegal drug dealing, but let’s look closer and read what Commissioner Lin of China had to say on this matter.

But after a long period of commercial intercourse, there appear among the crowd of barbarians both good persons and bad, unevenly. Consequently there are those who smuggle opium to seduce the Chinese people and so cause the spread of the poison to all provinces. Such persons who only care to profit themselves, and disregard their harm to others, are not tolerated by the laws of heaven and are unanimously hated by human beings.
All those people in China who sell opium or smoke opium should receive the death penalty. We trace the crime of those barbarians who through the years have been selling opium, then the deep harm they have wrought and the great profit they have usurped should fundamentally justify their execution according to law. We take into to consideration, however, the fact that the various barbarians have still known how to repent their crimes and return to their allegiance to us by taking the 20,183 chests of opium from their storeships and petitioning us, through their consular officer [superintendent of trade], Elliot, to receive it
Fortunately we have received a specially extended favor Born His Majesty the Emperor, who considers that for those who voluntarily surrender there are still some circumstances to palliate their crime, and so for the time being he has magnanimously excused them from punishment. But as for those who again violate the opium prohibition, it is difficult for the law to pardon them repeatedly. Having established new regulations, we presume that the ruler of your honorable country, who takes delight in our culture and whose disposition is inclined towards us, must be able to instruct the various barbarians to observe the law with care.
We find your country is sixty or seventy thousand li [three li make one mile, ordinarily] from China Yet there are barbarian ships that strive to come here for trade for the purpose of making a great profit The wealth of China is used to profit the barbarians. That is to say, the great profit made by barbarians is all taken from the rightful share of China. By what right do they then in return use the poisonous drug to injure the Chinese people? Even though the barbarians may not necessarily intend to do us harm, yet in coveting profit to an extreme, they have no regard for injuring others. Let us ask, where is your conscience? I have heard that the smoking of opium is very strictly forbidden by your country; that is because the harm caused by opium is clearly understood. Since it is not permitted to do harm to your own country, then even less should you let it be passed on to the harm of other countries – how much less to China! Of all that China exports to foreign countries, there is not a single thing which is not beneficial to people: they are of benefit when eaten, or of benefit when used, or of benefit when resold: all are beneficial. Is there a single article from China which has done any harm to foreign countries? Take tea and rhubarb, for example; the foreign countries cannot get along for a single day without them. If China cuts off these benefits with no sympathy for those who are to suffer, then what can the barbarians rely upon to keep themselves alive? Moreover the woolens, camlets, and longells [i.e., textiles] of foreign countries cannot be woven unless they obtain Chinese silk. If China, again, cuts off this beneficial export, what profit can the barbarians expect to make? As for other foodstuffs, beginning with candy, ginger, cinnamon, and so forth, and articles for use, beginning with silk, satin, chinaware, and so on, all the things that must be had by foreign countries are innumerable. On the other hand, articles coming from the outside to China can only be used as toys. We can take them or get along without them. Since they are not needed by China, what difficulty would there be if we closed our the frontier and stopped the trade? Nevertheless, our Celestial Court lets tea, silk, and other goods be shipped without limit and circulated everywhere without begrudging it in the slightest. This is for no other reason but to share the benefit with the people of the whole world. The goods from China carried away by your country not only supply your own consumption and use, but also can be divided up and sold to other countries, producing a triple profit. Even if you do not sell opium, you still have this threefold profit. How can you bear to go further, selling products injurious to others in order to fulfill your insatiable desire?
Suppose there were people from another country who carried opium for sale to England and seduced your people into buying and smoking it; certainly your honorable ruler would deeply hate it and be bitterly aroused. We have heard heretofore that your honorable ruler is kind and benevolent. Naturally you would not wish to give unto others what you yourself do not want.
We have further learned that in London, the capital of your honorable rule, and in Scotland, Ireland, and other places, originally no opium has been produced. Only in several places of India under your control such as Bengal, Madras, Bombay, Patna, Benares, and Malwa has opium been planted from hill to hill, and ponds h ave been opened for its manufacture.
Now consider this: if the barbarians do not bring opium, then how can the Chinese people resell it, and how can they smoke it? The fact is that the wicked barbarians beguile the Chinese people into a death trap. How then can we grant life only to these barbarians? He who takes the life of even one person still has to atone for it with his own life; yet is the harm done by opium limited to the taking of one life only? Therefore in the new regulations, in regard to those barbarians who bring opium to China, the penalty is fixed at decapitation or strangulation. This is what is called getting rid a harmful thing on behalf of mankind.
Our Celestial Dynasty rules over and supervises the myriad states, and surely possesses unfathomable spiritual dignity. Yet the Emperor cannot cear to execute people without having first tried to reform them by instruction.

Chinese Cultural Studies: Lin Tse-Hsu (1785-1850): Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839:


Several things are clear from this

The British drug dealers and their accomplices in higher levels of government know that what they do is harmful to others because they have laws against it. They are hypocritical towards the Chinese who they exclude from legal protection against drugs.

Furthermore, we see that China was extraordinarily benevolent towards the British. Trade benefited the British tremendously as Chinese inputs were required for the manufacture of numerous British goods and mere resale would make them eye-watering profits.

Finally, we see that it is China who cares about both law and applies such law with humanity. Chinese courts grants offenders mercy for ceasing and repenting their crimes. Meanwhile, it is the “enlightened” Westerners who drug and destroy communities.

So, remember this the next time you come across some White mental masturbation about their rule of lawzzz

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