Vietnamese police officer is a new kind of role model for Westminster

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    Vietnamese police officer is a new kind of role model for Westminster

    The things that shape us, the paths we follow, the careers we choose can seem almost accidental. But that hardly gives justice to a man such as Timothy Vu.

    As a 4-year-old, Vu clung to his father’s fishing boat when his family fled the communists in Vietnam. Now 45, he will be sworn in this evening as the highest-ranking Vietnamese police officer in Southern California, perhaps America.

    Vu will take the officer’s oath as Westminster’s deputy police chief.

    For a community whose heart is in Little Saigon yet stretches past the shores of Texas to the sidewalks of Paris, to the streets of what was once officially called “Saigon,” Vu’s accomplishment is more than inspirational.

    The new deputy chief offers a different kind of role model than the ones many Vietnamese American parents present to their children.

    While nearly half of Westminster is Asian, less than 10 percent of the police force is Vietnamese. Perhaps it’s only fitting that Vu found his own role models in a very different place than office settings.

    It was the 1980s and Vu wanted to follow in the footsteps of Rico Tubbs and Sonny Crockett.

    That’s right. Vu didn’t just watch television’s “Miami Vice.”

    He wanted to be Miami vice.

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