NY gives SF vivid view of Chinese immigrants’ history

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    NY gives SF vivid view of Chinese immigrants’ history

    Earlier this year, the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco got a remarkable present from New York — a gift of its own history.

    The gift is a museum show called “Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion,” an exhibition of art, artifacts and stories that ran in New York last year. When the show closed in spring of 2015, the sponsoring New-YorkHistorical Society gave it to the San Francisco group.

    The show is big league. It’s interactive, with films, family histories, art and all the modern museum tricks.

    “Stories at the push of a button,” said Sue Lee, executive director of the San Francisco group. It opens at 10 a.m. Saturday for an open-ended run at the Chinese Historical Society’s headquarters in Chinatown.

    And it’s welcome as a gracious gift. “Our story is overlooked in this country,” Lee said. “People don’t know it.”

    One reason for that, Lee said, is that the Chinese immigrant story has been overwhelmed by other stories. “It hasn’t been told that well,” she said.

    Her organization was founded in 1963 and remains small. “We don’t have the resources to do a show like this ourselves,” Lee said.

    The exhibition cost $2.5million to mount when it opened in Manhattan in fall of 2014. The show was a hit. The New York Times called it “vigorous and imaginative.”

    The theme of the show is how the Chinese went from being kept out of the United States by racist laws to becoming part of the country. “We are a chapter in American history,” Lee said.


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