When non Chinese wish you greetings in Chinese on Chinese New Years

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    I remember being in the elevator with my family. It was just us and an middle aged white guy. Before he left for his floor, he wished us “gung hey fat choi” (the tones were wrong, it’s always wrong…)

    My grandma said it back and my cousin was like “Thanks…”

    How do you respond to this? Do you reply as if another Chinese said it, or just thank them for the effort?

  • @bugoutfever I would say “thanks brah, got a red envelope for me?”

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    I actually never had this happen to me before but I’m guessing if it does, it would depend on the context. If it’s a woman saying it or if I don’t sense any creepiness if it’s a male, then I thank them and move on. If it’s a creep, I just ignore him or pretend I didn’t hear.

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    Assuming, the time was relevant then it depends. If I sense they’re hitting on someone in the group, I accuse him of being a creepy fetishist. Otherwise, I’ll just say it back or tell them to have a nice day. I don’t go out of my way to insult them because it would just add to the “all Asians are so racist” pseudo-library.

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