Katana is Rick Flag’s Enforcer on the Suicide Squad Team

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    Katana is Rick Flag’s Enforcer on the Suicide Squad Team


    Colonel Rick Flag (played by Joel Kinnaman) is given the unenviable, dangerous assignment of being in charge of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad. Luckily for him, Katana (played by Karen Fukuhara) — the only member of the team that volunteered — acts as his bodyguard and helps him keep the villains in line and focused on their mission.

    “She’s kind of like the whip, I think, when Flag needs to crack the whip. She’s the one that helps do that,” producer Andy Horwitz told Comicbook.com and other press during a Suicide Squad set visit. “I think as you saw in the trailer, there’s a moment where she throws Boomerang up against the wall. She’s a scary little girl, I will say.”

    “Yes, they don’t mess with her. She’s a character of few words,” producer Richard Suckle added. “Her entrance into the movie is quite cool, in the way she is introduced to everybody and to us.”

    Even though this version of Katana is very grounded, director David Ayer made sure not to suppress her traditional supernatural elements, especially Soultaker, a sword that traps the souls of its victims.

    “It’s a great character because the whole story with the Soultaker and how her dead husband is trapped in the sword, and she speaks to it,” Suckle shared. “It’s really, I have to say, emotional. It’s really wonderful.”

    Unlike most of the cast, Fukuhara, a young, relatively unknown actress, had to go through the auditioning process to win her role. “We needed to find a Japanese or a Japanese American actress, which we did. One of the other things we were hoping to find, which we did, is an actress who also had a level of proficiency in martial arts, which Karen did which was helpful,” Suckle explained. “Of course, when you have actors, as much as you can show the stunt doubles, it’s a lot better and much more realistic if you can have your actors doing things themselves. She brought that already to the party and has been a great find. As Andy said earlier, she works really hard. I don’t know how many but it’s not that many times where she hasn’t done the stunt herself. She has a lot of stunts that she actually has to perform as this character and it’s been an amazing, amazing journey for her. She’ll tell you.”


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