Favorite music genre?

  • Empress of War

    What are your favorite music genres? Or do you listen to anything that sounds good to you?

    I enjoy Japanese rock, Japanese pop, Korean pop and Hong Kong music from the 80s (think Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Sally Yeh, etc…). I grew up listening to Hong Kong music since my mom regularly played it at our house, hence why I love it.

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    @bugoutfever Noted. I’ll see if there is a fix for this later.

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    Lol this page was not fun to load and scroll through. So many videos.

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    I LOVE industrial metal (bands like Rammstein, Turmion Katilot, etc.) I know that this genre of music is not popular at all, but I’ve been sticking with it for 11 years. Recently though I’ve been listening to a lot of psy trance (Tekken music is fucking amazing).

  • Huangdi

    Most Electronic music. Of this genre ; very instrumental , harmony and piano driven. I grew up playing piano so…

  • Empress of War

    @ankistar I’m happy to hear that you were able to find someone to look up to while you were struggling with your own features in school. Those stages between pre-puberty and puberty are the worse in schools when you’re forced to see others around you maturing before you, attracting more of the opposite gender and becoming more popular. But glad to hear that you were able to own it with your own features thanks to Miyavi!

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    @ankistar Great story

    He’s been a bro for more than a decade.

    This is why we need more legit role models and if we’re not doing it ourselves then to support those who represent well.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Empress of War

    @ankistar OMG I always LOVED LOVED LOVED Miyavi!!! He was one of the idols I had plastered on my bedroom walls when I was a teen xD He’s smoking hot and he just gets hotter as he gets older, lol! Especially with his new haircut now (first video).

    And yes, I also think he’s very talented, especially since he goes solo. Most Jrockers are in groups. I don’t think many go solo.

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    @ankistar Initeresting. The music style reminds me of Michael/Janet Jackson’'s song from the 90’s.

    Still holding up!

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    Hip hop, R&B, and rock. I like Jimi Hendrix and The Weekend.

    I’m loving Miyavi’s

    He’s got

    Miyavi rocks

  • Empress of War

    @secondstrike said in Favorite music genre?:

    I will listen to anything that makes me feel something, but I have a soft spot for select 80’s/90’s rock, techno, rap, and ya! HK music - “four heavenly kings” lol.

    You know the four heavenly kings too?!?! That’s awesome! I haven’t met many as young as me who know them. My favorite is definitely Andy Lau. I love his voice, resonating, deep, masculine xD

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    electric er-hu

    I am speechless.


    Brings back memories of this guy

    Just in case you’re itching for more, this video has you covered…

  • I used to listen to a lot of Jimi Hendrix and electric guitar stuff. A few years ago, I discovered a prog rock band called The Hsu-nami, lead by an electric er-hu player named Jack Hsu. I saw them live and they were LEGIT:

    I prob listen to them at least a couple times of a week while driving my dog to the park, or on my way home from work.

    I also started listening to Leehom Wang and Jay Chou in order to infuse some more Mandarin into my vocabulary.

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    I will listen to anything that makes me feel something, but I have a soft spot for select 80’s/90’s rock, techno, rap, and ya! HK music - “four heavenly kings” lol. There have been many memorable soundtracks for films and games too. I find that more than genre I lean towards certain sounds: erhu, electric guitar, electric drums (4th from bottom), choir voices (idk the correct term. See examples in last and 3rd from bottom)

    (skipped the intro)

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