• Huangdi

    A few things

    1. He mentions that he has a chinese girlfriend in the video , and then goes on to use it as justification of “I’m not racist” even though it is clear from his comments that he’s a racist.

    2. In this very long justfication of why his comment is not racist : He calls “China the scourge of asia” , yet wants to go to China. He says " I dont hate chinese people … I love chinese people … in fact I’ve been stuying chinese history for a very long time … I fell in love with it at a early age …especially daoist philsophy… I trained kungfu for a long time … My girlfriend is ETHNIC CHINESE … in fact shes teaching me mandarin… I just say all that to say I dont hate chinese people… Im actually thinking of moving to shanghai "

    3. He lives in Chang Mai , Thailand. WHAT does that remind you of ?

    4. You can also notice *how that guy takes so much glee from the other channed chinese americans, saying that they agreeing with him , as if this is enough to justify his racism that “Even chinese people agree”

    Like the typical expat he uses the excuse of " My girlfriend is asian"This guy is the textbook definition of a sexpat. Has an asian friend , and uses that as an excuse for not being racist , when it is clear this piece of shit is.

    White sexpat scum.

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