@psylee123 I am excited about the potential of mass automation but also very worried. Asians are drawn to accounting, finance, and other categories that will be very affected by automation tech. I think Asians in East Asia as a group will benefit from the drive towards automation thanks to their culture and government. I am worried about the fate of South East and South Asians because the advantage of cheap labor is drawing to an end. China “lucked out” in a sense by being the last major power to industrialize in such a manner. What worries me about the Asians in the West is that this culture is far more winner takes all and I see more destruction [people losing their livelihoods with no recourse] than creation [new jobs, distributing the wealth] during the transition period. We already saw this with the occupy wall street movement, which is a reaction to decades of siphoning the wealth of the middle class to enrich the top 1%.